BSA Building Supply

About Us

BSA is a leading distributor of residential exterior building products to contractors in the greater Georgia market.

At BSA, we are not just another building supply house. We carry a large inventory and variety of several exterior-building products. We have accumulated over 50 years’ experience in the wholesale supply business. This allows us to help our customers compete in a struggling economy. As the market continued to change, we changed with it to help our customers thrive.

In 2007, Mike Langston (CEO) partnered with long time friend M.D. Norton (CFO) to focus on helping Contractor/ Builder with the changing economy. New Construction was stagnant and the need to help contractors with good leads was the focus. They needed a way to generate leads and with the banks not lending money, a way to finance the project for their homeowner.

Mr. Langston’s background in the 80’s was business consulting which helped large companys organize their business structure to create a strong business foundation. In the 90’s, Mr. Langston opened a building supply house and later helped franchise the company all over the southeast. Mr. Norton’s background in financing and marketing enabled BSA to establish a strong foundation and help move the company forward. The combination of all the people within the organization has helped BSA move to the forefront of the Building Supply Industry. At BSA we realize that you are only as good as your employees and we strive to keep the most knowledgeable people within the organization.

At BSA we have put programs in place to cover all our customer’s needs and are always listening so we can help their businesses thrive in this economy. Look in the services part of our websites to see all the services we offer at BSA. Please call us for more details on each program so we can help your business grow.